About Microvision

Microvision was founded in 1993, to develop computer generated image creation. Working with worldwide systems providers at the cutting edge of content development, Microvision has completed projects for public sector institutions and corporate client’s, both inside Pakistan and internationally.

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Product 1

Virtual Mirror

Microvision's Virtual Mirror enables shoppers to try on clothes to check one or more sizes, fit or styles, but virtually rather than physically. Individuals can try on various items of clothing without physically wearing them.

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Product 2

3-D Virtual Mapping

By using an actual all white model of a specific item, a three-dimensional canvas is created over which a video enclosing the canvas is projected.

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Product 3

Video Holographic Unit (VHU)

Microvision’s VHU is an advanced image display system that projects an object or series of objects, as a 3D floating, full color hologram.

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Product 4

Window Hologram Unit (WHU)

Holographic Effect Projection Screen OR Transparent Display Unit

Transparent projection screens are guaranteed to catch attention with their contemporary design, and by creating an image that appears to float in mid-air.

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Product 5

Large Immersive Display

The application of high resolution video at high contrast spans up to and over 50 foot. Curved and complex surface geometries can be mapped & suitable corrections can then be applied. For high-definition, large scale, immersive wow factor.

Product 6

Remote Presence Display (RPD)

For use in projecting animated or, pre-recorded video onto a precisely cut form; giving the appearance of solid presence.

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